Tech Talk Video: From Data to Actionable Insights {Hebrew}


Imri Sadeh is the BI Front-End Team Lead at SimilarWeb where he and his team are responsible for the Development of the BI Organizational Portal.

Imri leads the establishment and implementation of SimilarWeb’s web-based platform on top of the Tableau.

In this talk, Imri discusses BI and making data understandable. BI is all about the Data. We are constantly bringing more data sources and increasing our data coverage.

But what happens when all the data is there, but people are still lost?

How do you take the data and make it actionable, approachable and easy to understand?

How do you influence your workflow to be truly data-driven?

This talk will cover several real-life examples and best practices on how to make this happen and challenges you may come across along the way.